Jul 16
Julie Josephitis, State Director
Dungarvin Wisconsin

Dungarvin Wisconsin Welcomes John O’Brien, Advocate for Person Centered Planning

Supporting individuals with complex behavior support needs in community based settings is currently a hot topic in the Wisconsin long term care (LTC) system. On-going, active discussions are occurring at all levels in the LTC system, including the Department of Health Services, Family Care organizations and counties all across the state. Because of our … Read Full Post

Jul 09
Ericka Huffman, CSC
Dungarvin Wisconsin

Life Changing

Picture of Ericka Huffman, DSP of the Year (WI)

Throughout a person’s life, many great things will happen. For me, one of the greatest things was my experience that came with being named the ANCOR 2014 Wisconsin Direct Support Professional of the Year. As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to attend the ANCOR national conference in Miami, Florida to receive … Read Full Post

Jun 27
Janet Stinde, Area Director
Dungarvin Wisconsin

Saving Lives: The Greatest Act of Service

Picture of Jeanne and the men at Yahara

The morning began just like any other Saturday morning at the Yahara Program in Madison, Wisconsin. Community Support Provider (CSP), Jeanne Gebhardt was assisting the men who reside in the apartment with their morning routines. All three men, Jeff, Mark and Glenn have physical disabilities and use wheelchairs for mobility, but this by no … Read Full Post

May 28
Lori Kress, Regional Director

Wisconsin Senior Director Earns Executive Staff Award

The Wisconsin Administrative team nominated Julie Josephitis, Wisconsin Senior Director, for the Under Eagles Wings – Executive Staff Award through the Residential Services Association (RSA) of Wisconsin. Per the RSA website, the Under Eagles Wings – Executive Staff Award is presented to “an individual who is recognized for assuring quality care for all … Read Full Post

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