Sep 28
Tony Baisley, Communications Manager
Dungarvin National Central Office

Dungarvin Ohio Grows with Need of Community

  For more than 30 years, Dungarvin has been serving the state of Ohio. Over this time, this service has grown to support more than 300 individuals across 14 counties. The range of services provided is surprisingly vast in order to meet the unique needs of each individual. Caregivers and managers at Dungarvin Ohio work … Read Full Post

May 05
Sarah Lazirko, Program Director

The Power of Adoption

  Choosing to adopt a child creates a positive change in more than one life. When handled with the correct care, adoption is an opportunity for both the child and parents to fulfill a life they truly deserve.   … Read Full Post

Mar 24
Sara Eppard, State Director
Dungarvin Ohio

Twenty-Five Years on the Shelf

  "...a little reminder to keep my ears open and really listen."   The habit developed sometime in my teens. Many people think it’s dangerous, and in fact it states in bold letters on the box, “Do not insert in ear canal”. I guess I really do live dangerously. Like many others in the world, every day … Read Full Post

May 01
Lisa Fannin, Area Director
Dungarvin Ohio

Houses Become Homes Because of Your “Yes” to Foster Care

Image: Foster Care Family Header

  The Bergers contacted Dungarvin about the possibility of becoming foster parents just four short years ago. They were ready to start their family and had decided that they wanted to do so through adoption. Disappointed … Read Full Post

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