The Ideas Dungarvin Was Built On

We believe each person has his or her own set of aspirations, goals, strengths, and dreams. We work closely with each individual, and people close to the individual, to discover and understand this unique combination. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we design and provide a constellation of services to support the person in achieving his or her life goals.

Helping people to achieve their fullest potential improves the quality of their life and that of the entire community.

Dungarvin is proud to be part of this enriching process.

Respecting and Responding to the Choices of People in Need of Supports

Dungarvin is committed to the principles of self-determination, self-actualization, and to the preservation of dignity of each person we serve. The focus of our services is to enhance an individual's independence and maximize the quality of life. Relationships are built, developed, and achieved together. Where barriers exist, Dungarvin will provide services and supports to make a positive difference.

We encourage self-determination and choice for all persons we support, and we strive to provide services of the highest quality.

Dungarvin 45 Year Anniversary

“In reflecting upon the last four-plus decades of Dungarvin’s existence, one realizes forty-five years is a long time. Every hour of every day we ask our staff to support vulnerable individuals. This support presents itself in a variety of shapes, whether it is in homes, day time program structures, employment supports, or through administrative duties. The legacy of our mission raises more than a few eyebrows. Consider that more than two-thirds of our current employees weren’t even born when Dungarvin began and that children of Dungarvin alumni are currently part of our staff compliment. As we go forward, we will continue a laser focus on respecting and responding to the choices of the people we serve.” - Tim Madden, founder

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