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I am a new DSP. I find the work interesting and the other staff at sites to be both helpful and kind. The other staff and myself work together as a team to complete required tasks. The individuals are a pleasure to take care of. I find them patient and accepting of a new face in their care team. I feel this work suits my personality. It is as natural a fit as I have experienced in any work situation. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve these unique and valuable individuals who deserve the best we have to give.

–Pamela J. Fredericks (01/02/18)

I worked for Dungarvin in South Bend Indiana between 1990-1992. Although I was born in the US, my parents had moved back to Northern Ireland in the early 1970’s and I was brought up and educated in Northern Ireland. However when I finished University I decided to move to the USA to South Bend Indiana, as I had had the opportunity to spend a year studying in the USA in the late 1980’s. I applied for a post in one of the group homes in South Bend and within a year I moved as a house manager to one of the childrens group homes in the same city. It was during my time in Dungarvin that I made the decision to apply for Nursing. I made the decision to move back to Northern Ireland to study and I completed my Adult Nursing course in 1995. Since 1995 I have held a number of roles whilst continuing my education. My most recent role is the I am a Service Manager in Blood Science Laboratories and I hold a professional Nursing leadership role as Associate Director of Nursing in Surgery and Specialist Services at the Belfast Trust (an NHS Trust). I am directly managerially responsible for a staff of circa 350 people and take the lead for Nursing in a directorate which has 2000+ nurses (registered and unregistered). I am very proud of what I have achieved thus far in my career. I found working with the clients and staff of Dungarvin to be so rewarding and it helped me make a decision which has shaped my life and my career. As a nurse, caring is central to what we do for patients and clients and I learned so much about the art of care in Dungarvin. So this is simply a “Thank you” for the opportunity and the training and the guidance and the mentorship which I received as a member of your staff all those years ago. Best regards!

–Trish McKinney (McGuire) (04/05/16)

I have been a host home provider for Dungarvin for over 5 years now and I’ve had the opportunity to work with just about each of their amazing staff members. What I love about Dungarvin is how well they know everyone they work with, both the providers and the clients, and it feels like family working with them. They know all our birthdays, they know our children and they take the time to talk because they truly care about what is going on at each person’s house. If we, or our residents, are going through any challenges, as often can happen in anyone’s life, they are there for us 24/7. It is a unique gift to be a host home provider that will give you many blessings and challenge you in beautiful ways. Throughout those blessing and challenges of being a provider, Dungarvin is by our side as we grow together.

–Polly Mendoza, Host Home Provider (06/11/15)

I am Dungarvin! I began my almost 30 years with Dungarvin in the beginning 1985. At that time I was doing Case Management and Work Adjustment Training with another company. My new adventure of working with Dungarvin included working 48 hour weekends and filling in on evenings during the week. Shortly after this I realized that Dungarvin was a great employer and began full time employment with them. Tim and Diane Madden who founded this company have such a positive outlook on employee development and recognition, thus my almost 30 years of employment. Encouraging the respect and the choices of the individuals Dungarvin serves allows for their personal growth and well being. In my 44 years of employment I have never worked for a company who listens to suggestions on how to make the lives of individuals we serve happier and healthier [more than Dungarvin]. This is why I say “I am Dungarvin”. I believe in Dungarvin’s philosophy and goals. After 30 years of employment, I continue to thoroughly enjoy coming to work everyday to assist the individuals we serve and to work with all of the great staff. Thank you Dungarvin.

–Liz Murphy (10/08/14)

I worked as a nurse for Dungarvin, Oregon several years ago. My experiences there were nothing but positive. Our group home clients were so enjoyable to spend time with, and they were treated with the utmost care and respect by the staff. Dungarvin is a wonderful, challenging, and worthwhile company to work for.

–Deidre McCaslin (9/25/14)

I am new here to Dungarvin, I came on board in April from CCP and since I have been here I have witnessed a community of employees who are dedicated to providing excellent services to individuals that receive services through Dungarvin. The level of commitment I have seen from everyone here just makes for a great company that provides even greater services. It feels great being a part of something much bigger than myself. Thanks Dungarvin!

–Toi Fokuo (6/10/13)