Aug 01
Anna Cernohous, HR Social Media Specialist

Dungarvin Acquires Four Businesses in WA and OR

Embassy Websites Announcement (1)

Today, August 1, 2022, Dungarvin welcomes to our organization over 750 new employees and 1000 individuals served. Embassy Management, LLC, a provider for individualized community support, adult residential services, children’s residential care, supported employment, youth readiness and other services has worked with Dungarvin for the last several months to transition their supports to our organization. … Read Full Post

Jun 01
Kathy Tasker, West Region Administrative Assistant

Connecting People in a Virtual World

Remote Connection

For much of the pandemic, day services in California had to transition their approach to a remote connection and come up with alternative ways to provide meaningful support to people who attend our day programs.   Remote workshops were set up, activity kits were packaged and delivered to doorsteps, connections via phone calls, text messages, and … Read Full Post

May 05
Sarah Lazirko, Program Director

The Power of Adoption

  Choosing to adopt a child creates a positive change in more than one life. When handled with the correct care, adoption is an opportunity for both the child and parents to fulfill a life they truly deserve.   … Read Full Post

May 02
Jessica Waters, Quality Management Support

National Provider Appreciation Day 2022

  National Provider Appreciation Day is an important day for Dungarvin and we'd like to thank all providers for being one of the most significant, lifelong influences in the lives of those they serve.     Trinette Brown, a Foster Parent out of the Jacksonville location, … Read Full Post

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