Our Partners

Dungarvin partners with other providers and associations to enhance quality services that support children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other diverse needs, including those whose lives are challenged by complex behavior, medical or sensory needs.

Dungarvin is proud to partner with the following:


The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) works on behalf of private providers like Dungarvin to advocate, educate, inform and inspire – and make a positive impact that benefits the people and communities we serve. For more information please visit the ANCOR website.


Dungarvin, in partnership with Sengistix, provides new automated sensing technology solutions that offer Seniors and people with disabilities greater independence while reducing the cost of care. For more information please visit the Sengistix website.


The Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota (ARRM) is an association of 150 providers supporting thousands of people with developmental and physical disabilities, brain injuries and mental illness in their pursuit of meaningful lives. Dungarvin Minnesota has been a member of ARRM for over 30 years. For more information please visit the ARRM website.


INARF is the principal membership organization in Indiana representing providers of service to people with disabilities. As members of INARF, providers such as Dungarvin are actively involved in shaping industry policy and promoting quality programs in the human service field. For more information please visit the INARF website.


As members of the Community Alliance of Providers Of Wisconsin (CAPOW), Dungarvin and other providers work to improve the wages, benefits, recruitment, retention and public awareness of direct service professionals to enhance the quality of community-based services for people with developmental disabilities. For more information please visit the CAPOW website.


Oklahoma Community-based Providers, Inc. (OCP) has been in existence since 1979. OCP is a “grass roots” group that has grown into a strong and well-known organization, representing the majority of provider agencies in the State of Oklahoma. OCP holds legislatively-mandated seats on several advisory boards and has been recognized as a negotiating agent for provider agencies. For more information visit the OCP website.


The Residential Services Association of Wisconsin (RSA Wisconsin) is a not-for-profit membership and service organization comprised of operators of all community living arrangements and interested agencies and citizens throughout the State of Wisconsin. It is the philosophy of RSA Wisconsin to encourage and endorse the provision of quality services in a homelike setting to individuals in need of transitional services, to aid them in achieving the maximum level of independent living possible. For more information, visit the RSA Wisconsin website.


The Alliance is a coalition of public and private organizations and individuals that recognize the critical and indispensible role direct caregivers play in meeting the long-term care needs of older persons and persons with disabilities in Wisconsin.

The purpose of the Alliance is to develop and implement state-wide community-based strategies to improve the recognition, retention, recruitment, and economic status of the long-term care workforce. For more information, visit the Alliance website.