Dungarvin Services

Specialized Services

Dungarvin’s specialized services seek to optimize health, maximize function, and promote independence.

Dungarvin is dedicated to providing individually designed supports and services to each person enabling him or her to participate in home, employment and community life to the fullest extend possible. Please review the support descriptions within each state indicated that provides specialized services in order to gain more detailed information this service segment.

Supported Sobriety

Supported Sobriety is an unique 24-hour, recovery-oriented, person centered support service for adults living with concurring disorders; Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Disorders. We can provide supports to adults with developmental disabilities in their home with this unique program that incorporates the 12-step model by specially trained staff. This curriculum assists those living with co-occurring disorders and ASD and other learning disorders, to acquire the necessary comprehension of the disease of addiction and competency with recovery tools in order to achieve and maintain sobriety.