Apr 24
Jason Flint, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

Rate Setting in Minnesota

At Dungarvin Minnesota, we are certainly no strangers to change. Just this year, we have moved our central offices into an entirely new building in Mendota Heights. In addition, there was the acquisition and integration of CCP into the Dungarvin constellation of services; that was a giant change! Now that we are finally … Read Full Post

Apr 17
Charlotte McClanahan, Senior Director
Dungarvin Nevada

Dungarvin Nevada Participates in the Open World Program

Photo: Delegates and hosts at the governor’s mansion.

In March, Dungarvin’s Carson City, Nevada operation was asked to participate in the Open World Program sponsored by the Reno Club and the Open World Leadership Center with support from the U.S. state department. The Open World Leadership Center , an independent government agency of the United States Congress, sponsors and funds the … Read Full Post

Apr 01
Robert Longo, National Director of Operations
Dungarvin National Central Office

Dungarvin DSP Awards

Dungarvin’s direct support professional (DSP) staff are integral to our success as a provider organization, and in fulfilling our mission of “respecting and responding to the choices of people with developmental disabilities.” It is particularly gratifying to have the accomplishments of our DSP personnel acknowledged and commended by others. Every year, the American … Read Full Post