Jul 27
Dawn Smith, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

Meet Minnesota’s Senior Directors!

Behind every good company are great leaders. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Dungarvin Minnesota’s two fearless senior directors, Karin Stockwell and Nat Graf. A Little About Karin Stockwell [caption id="attachment_1907" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Karin Stockwell, MN Senior Director[/caption] When did … Read Full Post

Jul 22
Alisha Glover, Senior Director
Dungarvin New Jersey

Philanthropy Isn’t Part Time

I pressed the button to the elevator to go upstairs. Same stuff, different day. I hear someone talking rather loudly on their cell phone; distorted, but loud nonetheless. As the voice got closer, it was apparent that there was a problem. Her tone was high-pitched, her cadence was rapidly firing. She needed something, was … Read Full Post

Jul 16
Julie Josephitis, State Director
Dungarvin Wisconsin

Dungarvin Wisconsin Welcomes John O’Brien, Advocate for Person Centered Planning

Supporting individuals with complex behavior support needs in community based settings is currently a hot topic in the Wisconsin long term care (LTC) system. On-going, active discussions are occurring at all levels in the LTC system, including the Department of Health Services, Family Care organizations and counties all across the state. Because of our … Read Full Post

Jul 14
Bobbi Hoppman, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

One Year Post CCP Acquisition

January 2, 2013 was a big day in Dungarvin Minnesota’s history. On that date we acquired Cooperating Community Programs, otherwise known as CCP. A six month transition period followed. During that time Dungarvin acquired the needed licenses for the programs operated by CCP, learned about the services and staff that were part of CCP … Read Full Post

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