Aug 22
Tony Baisley, Communications Manager
Dungarvin National Central Office

Finding Inspiration (and Supports) to Thrive

"Wherever there are family, it is home." Now, more than ever, this saying applies to the Russell family of five. Living in Everett, Washington – near Seattle – life was a wonderful kaleidoscope of activity. Annemarie is an educator (English teacher) and husband Aaron is a clinical psychologist. Matthew, 12, is the Russell's youngest child. … Read Full Post

Aug 14
Coley Bergren, Social Media Specialist
Dungarvin National Central Office

Dungarvin Art Contest has come to a close!

Art has the ability to move people deeply. Although not everyone is an artist, each of us can be impacted by a piece’s message- its beauty or intent. The Dungarvin Artwork campaign has been an initiative that’s provided an accessible activity for persons served to learn more about each other and foster a sense … Read Full Post