Dungarvin Art Contest has come to a close!

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Aug 14
Coley Bergren

Art has the ability to move people deeply. Although not everyone is an artist, each of us can be impacted by a piece’s message- its beauty or intent. The Dungarvin Artwork campaign has been an initiative that’s provided an accessible activity for persons served to learn more about each other and foster a sense of teamwork and community across the country.

ArtworkContest_Gio_Reno,NV - POSTED

Over the last six months, many creative individuals supported by Dungarvin have submitted unique art designs for our Dungarvin Art Contest. When we announced the campaign back in January, we weren’t sure what to expect, but the initiative sparked something special nationwide. Overall, 11 states were represented with more than 35 artwork submissions by persons served at Dungarvin homes and programs.

“Sharing these incredible works of art on our social media pages extended visibility for the public into the wide variety of talent we support and allowed them to join us in celebrating each person’s unique style and voice,” said Tenney Hajnal, Dungarvin Operations Project Director. “What a beautiful reminder of the gifts each individual has to offer if they are simply given the opportunity to do so.”

artworkcontest_shyah_sorby_sycamore (2)

We began the contest with the incentive to our clients to be featured on our social channels and entered in drawings to receive prizes and special recognition – including the opportunity to highlight 12 different artists in a 2024 Dungarvin calendar. In addition, one lucky artist will be selected to be featured on Dungarvin promotional materials next year.

All of the artists truly demonstrated versatility, sharing singular submissions in multiple media forms — from sculptures and paintings to paper mâché and watercolors. Dungarvin staff have so much respect for the artists, and it was an honor to share each work on social media with the hashtag #DungarvinArtContest. As the contest comes to a close, we look forward to further featuring our gifted artists.


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