Apr 05
Catherine Rathburn, National Project Director
Dungarvin National Central Office

Our 2018 ANCOR Award Winners are Taking Us to New Heights

Image of 2018 DSP Heights ANCOR Winners

Dungarvin’s Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are critical to our success as a provider organization, and in fulfilling our mission of “respecting and responding to the choices of people in need of supports.” It is an honor to have the accomplishments of our DSP personnel recognized by the American Network of Community Options and … Read Full Post

Mar 22
Hannah Jurewicz, Senior Director
Dungarvin Connecticut

Opioid Addiction and Recovery Awareness Day at the Connecticut State Capitol

CT Senator Richard Blumenthal speaking at the Opiod Addiction & Recovery Day at the Capitol

Did you know that opioid overdoses are on the rise; 30% in 52 areas across 45 states from 2016 to 2017? Specifically, it rose 70% in the Midwest, and 54% in large cities according to the Vital Signs Report published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every day, more … Read Full Post

Feb 23
Blake West, Program Director
Dungarvin Colorado

Filmmaker Uses Camera Lens to Communicate

Image: Film as Language

Using his phone's camera lens as a tool to understand and communicate with the world around him, this talented young man is now an accomplished filmmaker. Jack came into Dungarvin Colorado, LLC services last year, on his 18th birthday, transitioning from the Children’s Extensive Support (CES) Waiver to Family Caregiver services. He is on the … Read Full Post

Jan 10
Jesse Hansen, Director
Dungarvin California

Escaping the California Fires

Picture: Glowing Fires in California

The recent California fires wreaked havoc, impacting Dungarvin programs, staff, and persons served. While turning off the lights on a normal Sunday night, the smell of a campfire enters the air.  Stepping outside the air was a little smoky, but the smell conjures memories of summers gone by.  Back inside, checking the computer, reports … Read Full Post

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