The Power of Adoption

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May 05
Sarah Lazirko, Program Director


Choosing to adopt a child creates a positive change in more than one life. When handled with the correct care, adoption is an opportunity for both the child and parents to fulfill a life they truly deserve.


Austin & Sharon_adoption article Austin & Sharon_adoption article

Sharon has been a licensed foster parent with Dungarvin Ohio for 6 years and has had several foster youth placed in her home while also providing respite for other foster parents in the Dungarvin network. Sharon had much success with teen girls as placements and felt this was her calling. When she met Austin, she was interested in providing only respite and was not accepting any placements. Sharon provided respite for Austin for several weeks and they formed a bond. While she was wary of respiting a tween boy, they had lots of fun together and enjoyed each other’s company. Through encouragement, Sharon agreed to take Austin as a temporary placement until Dungarvin could identify another placement for Austin but in actuality, there was never a need for another placement. Sharon and Austin developed such a strong attachment that Sharon desired to continue doing what was best for Austin. This included moving them from her home in Columbus to a new home in Pickaway County so Austin could attend a better school district. Four years passed and Sharon decided she was ready to adopt Austin. Up until that time, Sharon had always depended on support from Dungarvin. Dungarvin provided transportation for Austin, advocacy, and moral support for Sharon throughout Austin’s placement but she felt that she was now able, as a single, working mom, to provide for Austin without additional support from Dungarvin. In Sharon’s own words “Dungarvin has always provided more support than I could want or need. So grateful!” Austin was also ready to be adopted. He said several times to Sharon that he was never moving out unless her dog, Petey, went with him. Austin was adopted November 11, 2021.
Abby & Nicole_Adoption Story

Nicole has been a foster parent for 10 years and has had many youths placed in her home during that time. Abby was placed in Nicole’s foster home in 2016 when she was just nine years old before Nicole became a Dungarvin foster parent. Nicole transferred her foster care license to Dungarvin in 2019 and Abby was part of her home when she transferred. When starting as a foster parent, Nicole did not plan to adopt. She has sons, who are all adults with children of their own, but the idea of adoption changed with Abby. During her time as Abby’s foster mom, Nicole and Abby became close and built a great relationship with each other; Abby became Nicole’s daughter (even if it wasn’t official). They like to do all kinds of things like shop and get their hair and nails done. Nicole likes taking Abby to visit her family, who welcomed Abby into the family as one of their own. When Abby’s case plan made her available for adoption, Nicole didn’t hesitate to start the adoption process. The process was delayed several times, in part to COVID, but this only made the excitement continue to grow. Abby was so excited to be adopted by Nicole and was ready to be officially a part of Nicole’s family. Abby was adopted by Nicole on November 1, 2021.

Congratulations to Nicole, Abby, Sharon, and Austin!


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