Jul 14
Bobbi Hoppman, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

One Year Post CCP Acquisition

January 2, 2013 was a big day in Dungarvin Minnesota’s history. On that date we acquired Cooperating Community Programs, otherwise known as CCP. A six month transition period followed. During that time Dungarvin acquired the needed licenses for the programs operated by CCP, learned about the services and staff that were part of CCP … Read Full Post

Jul 11
Linda Lane, Area Director
Dungarvin Indiana

Kyle’s Two Different Worlds

Stock Image of a Dairy Farm

Kyle is a young man with a developmental disability and a hearing impairment, but growing up on a farm in relative isolation from his community turned out to be a bit more of a ‘disability’ than either formal diagnosis. Despite the fact that Kyle lives in a fairly developed urban county, he loves life … Read Full Post

Jul 09
Ericka Huffman, CSC
Dungarvin Wisconsin

Life Changing

Picture of Ericka Huffman, DSP of the Year (WI)

Throughout a person’s life, many great things will happen. For me, one of the greatest things was my experience that came with being named the ANCOR 2014 Wisconsin Direct Support Professional of the Year. As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to attend the ANCOR national conference in Miami, Florida to receive … Read Full Post

Jul 07
Josh Dezurik, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

Phase 1 of Therap Complete!

Documenting on Therap

In 2009, Dungarvin Minnesota began implementation of an online documentation system called Therap. This system has changed the way in which service documentation is completed by staff. The change has brought about improvements to both the quality and depth of information currently being tracked. We have been successfully using this system for several years … Read Full Post

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