Our Customers Come First

Oct 07
Dawn Smith, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

At Dungarvin Minnesota, we take pride in listening to our customers and ensuring a continuum of services for people receiving support. A person receiving services from Dungarvin Minnesota can move through a full array of services striving for the highest level of independence to total care when necessary while remaining under the same provider. We have the ability to support people in their own home or challenge a person and their team to consider a less restrictive option, so not to foster a person being over served or overly dependent on others.

We take pride in developing services that are new, innovative, and cost effective to meet the needs of people with disabilities, families, and our payers. We know people want to stay living in their own home or get back to their own home. We have developed supports and independent housing options that allow for services where the person wants to live. Those services include:

  • Supportive Apartments provide staff readily available, on site to meet the needs of a person.
  • Our Responder Services provide staff that are in remote locations and are available to meet the needs of a person.
  • Supports Around the Person are services provided in the person’s own home and are not dictated by where the person lives. These services are customized in an ala carte fashion around the person’s needs no matter how significant their disability.

Recently, MN has been working with personal injury attorneys to provide services to those who have suffered a catastrophic event in their life. We are currently providing services to a woman with a brain injury in her own apartment who is currently in litigation (a lien case).

Dungarvin Minnesota continues to strive to improve our services and increase our ability to reach out to a variety of customers. We are a leader in developing cost effective and innovative ways to provide services and listen to what our customer’s want.

Bill Tilton from Tilton & Dunn, P.L.L.P. had this to say about Dungarvin Minnesota:

“This law firm has worked closely with Dungarvin on behalf of a severely injured client. We have been very impressed with the variety of services offered by Dungarvin for people with disabilities, including with brain injuries and associated behavior issues. We also have been very impressed with the efficiency, professionalism, and commitment shown by the many employees of Dungarvin who have been involved in our client’s care. They have a true appreciation for complex injuries and healing situations. Also, they have been willing to accept deferred payment for services rendered to a client in a litigation situation.

We strongly recommend the people and services of Dungarvin to our colleagues in the Minnesota Bar who represent interests of injured people, particularly for clients who require assisted living or safety monitoring in structured apartment type settings.”

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