Minnesota Individual Housing and Service Options

Jul 03
Dawn Smith, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

Dungarvin Minnesota offers a variety of services, depending upon the type of support needed. We offer flexible solutions with emphasis on enhancing independence, privacy and choice. Individuals continue to live and be supported where they already have natural supports in the community. The benefits of these options include:

  • Control of your own home.
  • Person centered services.
  • Dedicated staff create flexible, customized plans for you.
  • Tailoring plans assists you to reach your potential.
  • Staff support one-on-one or in group settings, providing advocacy and links to community resources – keeping your needs clearly in focus.
  • Services increased or decreased when your needs change without any fear of losing housing since it’s your home.
  • Menu of services to meet your needs.

Supportive Apartments
The Supportive Apartment services model is an alternative to traditional adult foster care that allows flexibility to provide services tailored to the person. These services are designed to adapt to the increasing or decreasing needs of people who live in their own apartments. Services available include 24-hour emergency staff response with technology and supplemental support in areas including: budgeting, menu planning, grocery shopping, assistance with medical appointments, and additional areas as identified. Supported Apartment services are located throughout the metropolitan and greater MN area.

We hold a monthly meet and greet opportunity at one of our apartment locations for potential individuals to learn more about the people already living in this service option, to meet potential roommates and learn more about this alternative and if it might be a good fit for him or her.

Our upcoming meet and greets are:

July 15 – Cedarwood 4-6pm
August 12 – Mill Pond 3-5pm

In addition the monthly meet and greets, each apartment location has a monthly schedule of activities. Individuals are invited to participate in the various activities which gives them the opportunity to get out into the community, explore other apartments, meet new people and mingle in the community. Activities include bowling, coffee club, BBQs, game night, trips to the mall, trips to the zoo, picnics and many more.

Responder Service
Responder Services are a cost effective, custom set of supports offering you independence, and the support you need while utilizing the latest technology where you wish to live. Supports are tailored to your needs and are flexible enough to change with you.

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