Experience of a Lifetime at the World Series

Aug 15
Charlie Ryan, Area Director
Dungarvin Wisconsin
Image Ken World Series Trip of a Lifetime


Ken C. had the experience of a lifetime at Game 4 of the World Series last October.

Image: Ken World Series Trip of a Lifetime

Ken has received supports from Dungarvin Wisconsin since 1994 and has always wanted to go see a World Series game. This wish was finally achieved last fall. Accompanied by his support staff, Tyler Dorn, Program Director and Molly Gillhouse, Community Support Manager, Ken excitedly traveled the two and a half hours from his home in Madison, Wisconsin to see the Chicago game. Game 4 of the World Series was between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians at Wrigley Field. The road trip went smoothly and once they arrived, they checked into their hotel room before starting off on their World Series adventure.

Image: Ken Trip of a Lifetime World Series

Wanting to make sure they got to the game on time, they didn’t waste any time hitting the streets to be on their way. Even with all of the commotion and excitement in Chicago, Ken, Tyler, and Molly were able to catch a taxi to the game without a hitch. Once at the game, Ken loved seeing the teams play live. After the game, they were able to settle back in at the hotel for the remainder of the mini-vacation.

Image: Ken World Series Trip of a Lifetime

Ken’s only disappointment with the trip was that the Cubs lost the game, 1-0. Regardless, it was the experience of a lifetime!

Image: Ken World Series Trip of a Lifetime

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  1. Siarra Rooks,

    Very heart felt story!!! I’m sorry the Cub’s lost but am very glad you got to experience the game!!


  2. Jill Holmgren,

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!


  3. LisaCSS,

    I just LOOOVE to read about the experiences that the people we serve, getting to ENJOY things outside their home life!
    There is SOOOOO much to offer and with a little creative thinking, they can live like their disability doesn’t even exist!