Employees Have a Shot!

Dec 27
Dawn Smith, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

Employees have a shot… a shot at winning cash in a drawing for Dungarvin Minnesota’s flu shot campaign, that is. Dungarvin Minnesota has been offering this organized flu shot campaign since 2007, because getting vaccinated is the best prevention. It is now recommended that all people get vaccinated, not just high risk individuals. This is the best way to protect our own health, and the health of our families and individuals served.

When Dungarvin Minnesota employees get their seasonal flu shot they receive a $30 Gift Card and are entered into one or two drawings of $100, plus $1.00 for every staff entered into the drawing. That’s free money considering most insurance companies cover the cost of the shot and there are no co-pays. Staff simply show proof of their flu shot to their supervisor and start reaping the benefits of extra cash and better health for themselves and everyone else around them.

The winner of our first drawing is a long time employee: Ann McMahon, who won $296! Congratulations Ann, and all of the rest of our employees, for getting your flu shot!

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