Dungarvin to Acquire Bridges MN, Rumi and Bridges WI

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Jun 30
Tony Baisley, Communications Manager
Dungarvin National Central Office

MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MN (June 30, 2023) – The Dungarvin organization, a group of companies providing community-based services for people with disabilities in 15 states, has announced a deal to acquire Bridges MN, Rumi and Bridges WI. Effective September 1, the agreement includes the purchase of traditional group home settings in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as other community-based services in Minnesota that will support over 400 individuals.


The purchase agreement signed earlier this week specifies that close to 1,000 Bridges employees will be invited to become part of the Dungarvin team ensuring the continuity of care for people served. “After several months of collaboration and planning, I am pleased to announce that Dungarvin will assume and operate substantially all of the services currently provided by Bridges MN, Rumi and Bridges WI,” said Dungarvin CEO Lori Kress. “We are committed to ensuring that the transition of services is as seamless as possible for the people receiving services, their families and the staff who support them. With a strong history of providing services in these states, we plan to work closely with all stakeholders and our regulatory partners to deliver the stability that these individuals and families deserve.”


Dungarvin is a family-owned organization that provides services and personalized community-based supports for children and adults with disabilities, founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1976. The Dungarvin mission influences its approach to person-centered care: “Respecting and responding to the choices of people in need of supports.” Dungarvin believes each person has their own set of aspirations, goals, strengths, and dreams. Over the past 47 years, Dungarvin has grown to provide supports to over 6,000 individuals across 15 states. Dungarvin’s long and stable history demonstrates its unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and integrity. If you would like to learn more about the organization, please visit us at www.dungarvin.com.

Tony Baisley, Communications Manager
612-386-8289 (cell)

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