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Oct 23
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Every year, ANCOR and Relias partner with providers across the country to collectively take a moment to highlight the dedicated, innovative Direct Support Professional (DSP) workforce that is the heart and soul of supports for people with disabilities. We celebrated our DSPs during DSP Recognition Week, which occurred this year on September 13-19, 2020. Highlighted below are a few of our states’ recognition events.

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submitted by Stacie Athman, State Director

With all of the chaos in 2020, a “Thank you for your dedication and all you do” during DSP Recognition Week just did not seem to be sufficient this year. As we have gone through 2020 with one extreme situation after another in Oregon, our incredible employees continue to face whatever obstacle or challenge that is put in front of them, while continuing to provide quality care and support to our individuals.

As DSP week approached, DSPs at Dungarvin Oregon faced yet another unprecedented crisis when wildfires caused many of our employees to evacuate or prepare to evacuate their homes. These wildfires caused dangerous air quality conditions which impacted individuals’ ability to go outside. The air quality throughout the week continued to prevent many people to be unable to leave their home due to extremely hazardous conditions. Despite these circumstances, our DSPs continued to show up for our individuals! This year, we could think of no better theme than superheroes to honor our DSPs, because over the course of this past year, the efforts and dedication this incredible group of people have displayed has been nothing short of heroic!

Image: Oregon Employee Appreciation Deliveries

Some of Dungarvin Oregon’s Fabulous Employees (L to R)
Diane Avalon, Jason Alva, James Salisbury, Drew Barton, Laura Godici, Katherine Annala, Alvin Hardaway

Due to the wildfires, our plans for recognizing our amazing DSPs had to be modified. Individual events and deliveries were planned for each day of the week for each location. Bagel and cream cheese trays, cookies, fruit baskets, candy baskets, and Dungarvin Swag baskets were all planned to be delivered each day of the week. Additionally, daily raffle winners were to be announced with grand prize raffle winners announced at the end of the week. Despite not being able to go outside to make deliveries, we wanted to take the time and let our DSP’s know how much we appreciate them. We completed daily raffle drawings for each of our locations during the week. Announcements were made each day and employees won items such as Dungarvin shirts, thermoses and coolers, as well as gift cards for local stores at each location. We also had our grand prize raffle where an individual from each of our locations won a $50 gift card.

When the air quality improved, the Program Director team, Directors, State Director and members of QA and HR all participated in daily deliveries to every program over the next course of two weeks. Each member of these groups visited every single program at least one time to deliver raffle prizes, goodie baskets and thank every employee. Deliveries were made during the morning, afternoon, evening and even overnights so as many employees as possible could participate. In challenging circumstances, we were able to continue to celebrate these incredible people. What was supposed to be DSP Appreciation Week instead was celebrated as DSP Appreciation Month!

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submitted by Minnesota’s DSP Week Planning Subcommittee

Dungarvin Minnesota’s DSPs are selfless, working day in and day out to ensure the individuals we support are living their best lives. Using creativity, our DSPs think outside the box to bring variety and choice to the individual’s day. Because MN DSPs are dedicated, they often sacrifice their personal time by working double shifts, coming early or staying late, or adjusting schedules to ensure the person served has the opportunities they want. Because they care, DSPs get to know the persons served so they can respectfully provide supports the way the individual wants them. Because of our DSPs, every person served by Dungarvin has the ability to live a life of their choosing and work toward their life goals.

Celebrating our DSPs during DSP Appreciation Week this year was a little more challenging than other years. We brainstormed ways to personally thank each person while maintaining social distancing. Our appreciation began with the managers writing each staff a personal thank you.  Each DSP was gifted an #Essential Dungarvin hat. Each program location posted a page celebrating their outstanding DSPs. We put together a fun video (see below) of administrative and operational staff showing their gratitude. We rounded out the week’s events with pulling names randomly for daily prizes.

We are so proud of each and every one of our DSPs. During DSP Appreciation Week we pause to reflect on the difference they make and how much they go the extra mile to make dreams come true. DSPs are not just a staff, they are coaches, teachers, leaders, counselors, cooks, advocates, companions, and friends. We extend our deepest gratitude because each one of them is essential to this company and to the people we support.

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submitted by Maryanne Hawkins, Director

Dungarvin Nevada distributed cakes and letters of gratitude to their Host Home Providers during DSP Recognition Week:

We thank you for your patience when we are bugging you for a piece of paper.
We thank you for putting up with our training and meetings.
We thank you for adhering to the requirements of supported living standards through quality.
We thank you for your day in and day out care of individuals.
We thank you for the open hospitality of your home.
Most of all, we want to thank each of you for your open heart and commitment to support individuals through good times, okay times, and yes, those times that are challenging.
Today we offer this heavenly cake to share with your family. As you enjoy the cake, please know how much we appreciate you for all you do, all you give, and for YOU being YOU!

Image: DSP Appreciation Week Cake

Today, you’re the center of attention!

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