Continuing to learn through years of experience: Blake West, Program Director

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Jan 31
Coley Bergren, Social Media Specialist
Dungarvin National Central Office

“After 30 years, the people we serve continue to teach me things,” says Blake West of Dungarvin Colorado. Blake is a Program Director for the Colorado Springs location and has proudly been a member of our team for the last seven years. We are so thankful for team members like Blake who continue to learn and grow with us! Get to know him and what he values through ‘5 questions with Blake West:’

1. Why do you have a passion for this work?

I stumbled into this line of work, having a good friend hire me to work in a group home he managed when I needed a full-time job. I was immediately drawn to the personalities I got to work with and the life lessons they taught me. After 30 years, the people we serve continue to teach me things. I love it!

2. What do you most value in a friend or co-worker?

Honesty and timeliness. I see punctuality as a respect issue. If we agreed to a time, then I need to honor that time you’ve made for me during your day. If I’m more than a couple of minutes late, and I have not given you a heads up, move on with your day because something goofy happened (probably on me!), and I’m not making it to the appointment.

3. What characteristic – or adjective – would people use to describe you?

As per above, punctual…to a fault. I may be in your neighborhood for 15 minutes, but if our appointment is at 10, then I’m ringing the doorbell at 10. I’m grouchy when I’m late for the rest of the day.

4. Who are the heroes in your life?

My mom and dad are my heroes. Everything they did was for their children. I hope I’m as successful of a parent as they were/are.

5. What do you most value about the Dungarvin team with whom you work?

I couldn’t name just one thing because our team is so diverse in experience and personalities. I love that we automatically support each other. In this office, you usually don’t even have to ask for help when you need it, you just receive it. What an intuitive and caring bunch of individuals we have in the Colorado Springs office.

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  1. Christina,

    Blake is an amazing champion for people with IDD.