A journey of versatility and growth at Dungarvin: Kara Marmon, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Mar 14
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Dungarvin National Central Office

Get to know Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kara Marmon! Kara represents Washington, also making her responsible for the recruitment for Compass Career Solutions, a Dungarvin Company. Kara describes herself as witty, generous and proactive…and we would have to agree! Meet Kara through our latest installment of ‘5 questions with Kara Marmon:’

1. How long have you worked at Dungarvin/Compass; in the IDD industry?

I started out in the IDD industry back in 2015 working as a DSP. I had a passion for caring for others. My mother was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) my entire life, and I loved how much of an impact she had on the residents she cared for. I found I had a passion for training our new hires on specifics regarding the clients I was supporting. From there, I found my true calling which was connecting with the employees who would be providing supports to individuals. Moving away from the training department, I started focusing on HR and recruiting. Recruiting has given me the opportunity to find amazing caregivers, case managers and leadership positions so that our individuals are receiving top notch supports!

2. Why do you have a passion for this work?

The reason I choose to go this route was because I wanted to help a population that was less heard; one that didn’t always have a voice. I wanted to help advocate for those who needed help advocating for themselves. Growing up, I was on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and did not always feel heard when asking for support and help. The individuals we support have those feelings every day, and my hope was that I could lessen that even by just a little bit by being there and supporting them.

3. What would you most like to see happen in your state to better serve people with disabilities?

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, the common issue we see more often than not is wages. I have had the opportunity to speak with some really great folks, however when it comes down to it the wages for our state, it causes us to lose out on some exceptional talent. I would love to see benchmarks raised so that the men and women performing these essential jobs can be compensated at the rate they deserve.

4. Who are your heroes in life and why?

The heroes in my life include two of my favorite guys! My father John and my son Karter. I am definitely a “daddy’s girl.” When I was growing up, you could find me wherever my dad was (typically out on the Columbia River Gorge fishing for sturgeon or camping). The things my dad has shown and taught me will live on through many generations to follow. My son Karter has helped me turn into the woman I should of always been but never knew I was ready to be. I wake up wanting to be a better version of me for not only my son but for myself!

5. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement thus far would be becoming a mother.

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