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Oct 26
Coley Bergren, Social Media Specialist
Dungarvin National Central Office

Randee Lang is a favorite co-worker of practically everyone at Dungarvin. For nearly 26 years, she has been connecting the dots among our services and helping to manage the workflow among our most important initiatives. Randee began her career as a Special Projects Assistant in Madison, WI, and has risen to Director of the organization’s Project Management Office. Aside from managing six professionals, Lang provides direction for company initiatives across multiple departments across the country. We are so lucky to have her here at Dungarvin! Get to know a little bit more about her through 5 Questions with…Randee Lang:



1. Why do you have a passion for this work – how so – please briefly explain.

It’s about the people. Even though I’m far removed from the direct services Dungarvin provides, I feel like what I do contributes to their quality of life and that’s important to me.

2. What is your most treasured possession?

I don’t hold much value for possessions. What I value most are my friendships and relationships.

3. What do you most value in a friend or a co-worker?

Mutual respect and a good sense of humor.

4. Who are your heroes in life and why?

I think most people are heroes in some capacity, but for me my mom has been the most selfless person in my life and made the most sacrifices to ensure other people’s happiness.

5. What do you most value about the Dungarvin team with whom you work?

I work with so many incredible people on my team and across the organization. Everyone is approachable, collaborative, and respectful. Everyone works hard, but the people I work with make it really enjoyable.



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