The services and supports an individual receives is tailored to meet that person’s own hopes, dreams, desires and needs.

Dungarvin Wisconsin, LLC has been a provider since 1994 and currently provides services to hundreds of individuals throughout the state. The services and level of support vary according to each individual’s needs and requirements. Residential and/or in-home services are currently provided under contract in the following counties:

  • Columbia
  • Dane
  • Juneau
  • Milwaukee
  • Rock
  • Sauk

At Dungarvin Wisconsin, we are committed to our mission of “respecting and responding to the choices of people in need of supports”. Many people with developmental disabilities require some assistance in order to live a full, productive and rich life. This assistance may be required whether a person lives with family, in a group home or in his/her own apartment or home. The services and support a person receives through Dungarvin can include assistance with personal hygiene, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, accessing the community, learning to cook, and budgeting finances as well as many other services. Dungarvin Wisconsin works cooperatively with each individual, his/her family, support team and county/state/family care entities to ensure quality services.

Dungarvin Wisconsin has a reputation for supporting people who have complicated medical and/or behavioral support needs. Through extensive training of our staff and expertise at all levels of the agency, Dungarvin has proven to be successful in providing supports to those individuals who have complicated needs.

If you are interested in services from Dungarvin, or need more information about current openings or future placements, please contact us!

For more information on advocacy and supports for people with developmental disabilities in Wisconsin, contact the Wisconsin Health Care Association/Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living (WHCA/WiCAL) or the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).


Dungarvin Wisconsin partners with Sengistix in a number of locations. Sengistix utilizes a wide variety of coordinated sensors and other technology to provide a “complete package” of custom monitoring tailored to meet unique individual needs. This automated sensing and technology support improves safety, enhances the quality of life, and increases options for greater independence for all individuals requiring support. For more information on Sengistix, please visit our Partners.

Each person is unique and no support model meets the needs of everyone. Therefore, Dungarvin provides many different types of support. Please contact us for more details and/or to discuss any additional needs.

Services Offered by Wisconsin

In-Home Services

In-Home services are developed to provide supports to a child, adolescent or adult living with his or her family or in their own living environment. We serve individuals with a broad range of abilities and needs and our in-home services vary. The person and the family design the level of support and service that is needed.

Dungarvin Wisconsin offers In-Home Services for these core areas:
Traumatic/ Acquired Brain Injury
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Hourly Supports

Dungarvin's hourly supports provide staffing only when a person needs assistance. Staff are scheduled to be on-site to assist an individual according to his or her personal needs and goals. In some instances, staff may only drop by to assist with medication needs or financial assistance. In others, staff may be scheduled for longer time periods to assist with additional daily living skills.

Dungarvin Wisconsin offers Hourly Supports for these core areas:
Traumatic/ Acquired Brain Injury
Mental Health
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Residential Services

Residential services are provided to an individual living in his or her own home or apartment with or without roommates, depending on the location. These sites serve individuals of various need levels, including individuals with significant medical, physical, or behavioral challenges. Staffing levels vary by the needs of the people being served. The focus of these services is to enhance independence and quality of life. Dungarvin's residential services are very flexible and easily modified to meet changing abilities, interests, choices, and needs of individuals.

Adult Family Homes (AFH 1-2):

These are 1-2 person homes that are usually certified by the Family Care Managed Care Organization (MCO). Typically, Dungarvin Wisconsin either owns or leases the home. Dungarvin provides 24-hour support in daily living skills, money management, health maintenance, behavior support, and community integration.

Adult Family Homes (AFH 3-4):

These are 3-4 person homes licensed by the state of Wisconsin. Typically, Dungarvin Wisconsin either owns or leases the home. Dungarvin provides 24-hour support in daily living skills, money management, health maintenance, behavior support, and community integration.

Clustered Apartment Setting:

Dungarvin currently provides both Intensive Apartment Programs (IAP) and Supported Independent Living (SIL) programming. Individuals supported reside in apartment settings available for rent by the general public. These are generally two bedroom apartments in which individuals share with a roommate. Typically each individual rents his or her own apartment. Dungarvin Wisconsin provides a variety of hourly, drop-in and on-site 24 hour support in these settings. Services provided include, but are not limited to: peer support, information and referral, independent living skills training, coordination of personal care or medical needs, behavior support, advocacy and community education, and community integration.

Community Based Residential Facilities:

CBRF’s are 5-8 person homes licensed by the State of Wisconsin/Department of Health Services (DHS). Typically, Dungarvin either owns or leases the home. Individuals supported within a CBRF require 24-hr support services. Persons supported are people of advanced age, persons with dementia, developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, physical disabilities, or those with traumatic brain injuries. Dungarvin provides 24-hour support in settings offering ambulatory, semi-ambulatory and fully accessible homes.

High Acuity (HA)

High Acuity (HA) community-based services are typically provided within 1-2 bed certified Adult Family Homes. Our Intense Supervision Program is a highly specialized program that provides a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment for persons with complex behavior support needs. We serve individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, behavioral challenges, emotional challenges, AODA, mood disorders, TBI, and those who have been dually diagnosed. We specialize in providing support in the community for “hard-to-place” individuals who have histories of multiple failed placements, multiple or extended stays in state institutions/hospitals, and/or repeated contact with law enforcement. Safety is a top priority in the 24-hour residential Intense Supervision Programs due to the needs of the individuals served. Our focus is to promote safety and quality of life for individuals with complex behavioral support needs.

Supportive Home Care (SHC), Community Supportive Living (CSL) – Drop In, Hourly Supports:

Individuals who receive hourly, supportive home care (SHC) live in apartments available for rent by the general public and that are not regulated by DHS. Depending on his or her financial status, a person shares an apartment or lives alone. Services may include but are not limited to: personal care, laundry services, cooking and meal preparation, house cleaning, companion services, running of errands and respite services. With these services in place, individuals can remain in their home and either prolong or avoid an unwanted move to a more restrictive living environment. Dungarvin Wisconsin provides as little as 6 hours per week to 16+ hours a day. The level of service and support depends on the needs of the individual.

Dungarvin Wisconsin offers Residential Services for these core areas:
Traumatic/ Acquired Brain Injury
Significant Medical Challenges
Behavioral Challenges
Mental Health
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities