The focus of our services is to enhance independence and quality of life.

Dungarvin Oregon expanded services in August 2022.

Dungarvin Oregon, LLC has been a provider since 1998 and currently provides community-based supports to individuals throughout the state. We offer a vast range of services and supports including 24-Hour Adult Residential services, Supported Living services, Supported Employment, Children’s Host Homes and Community-Based Day Support Activities (DSA). Services are currently provided within the following counties:

  • Clackamas
  • Lane
  • Multnomah
  • Washington
  • Marion

We are committed and available to provide services throughout Oregon as needed.

Dungarvin Oregon works cooperatively with each individual, their family, support team and county/state entities to ensure quality services. We are committed to our mission of “Respecting and Responding to the Choices of People in Need of Supports”. Because each individual we support is unique, we provide services that are tailored to each person’s own hopes, dreams, goals and needs.

We have proven to be successful in providing supports to individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral needs. Individual plans of service are designed around each person with whom we serve. We offer a vast range of services and supports in order to meet the needs and preferences of each individual. Dungarvin Oregon supports the philosophy and practice of supported living, community inclusion and self-determination. Common services provided are listed below. Actual services and levels of support would be adjusted based on the needs and desires of the individual being supported.

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Services Offered by Oregon

24-Hour Residential Services

Residential services are provided in 15 homes across the Multnomah and Lane County areas. We currently have 9 homes in the Greater Portland Metro area and 6 homes in the Eugene/Springfield area. These sites serve 3-4 individuals of various need levels, including individuals with significant medical, physical, or behavioral challenges. Staffing levels vary by the needs of the people being served. Dungarvin employs full time Registered Nurses and full time Positive Behavior Support Specialists to help mitigate services based on individual need. The focus of these services is to enhance independence and quality of life. Dungarvin’s residential services are very flexible and easily modified to meet changing abilities, choices, and needs of the individuals we support.

Community-Based Day Support Activities (DSA)

Dungarvin currently offers Community-Based DSA services to individuals residing in our 24-hour residential programs both in Portland and Eugene. These services are offered to those individuals that may not be able to attend facility-based programs due to various reasons and/or challenges. Individuals are offered the opportunity to participate in activities around their communities that they will enjoy and help them integrate into the communities around their homes.

Supported Employment Services

Dungarvin supports individuals in Supported Employment to identify and obtain a job in an integrated employment setting in the general workforce. We provide initial and/or ongoing supports to maintain individualized employment. We are currently approved by Vocational Rehabilitation, and contracted with the Oregon Commission of the Blind, to provide comprehensive employment planning and job development enhancements for the individuals that we support.

Supported Living Services

Dungarvin Oregon provides individualized supported living services for those who choose to live in their own homes. Service levels are designed based on the individual’s needs and any significant medical, physical, or behavioral supports needed to help our individuals maintain their independence and quality of life while living on their own. Additionally, Dungarvin offers nursing and positive behavior services to all our individuals receiving support. Currently, we are endorsed and providing supported living services to individuals living in Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, and Lane counties.

Children's Host Homes

Starting in 2024, Dungarvin will be providing Host Home services to children experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities across Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Marion, and Lane counties. Dungarvin will assist interested Host Home families with licensing their homes, providing specialized training, and a wide variety of additional supports before and after a child is placed. Additional supports include nursing and positive behavior services, respite care, well-trained DSPs to come and assist as needed and much more. We want to help ensure a positive placement for the family and the child being supported every time.