National Central Office

The focus of our services is to enhance the individual’s independence and maximize the quality of life.

Dungarvin is a national organization of privately owned companies that was founded by Tim and Diane Madden in 1976. Dungarvin supports the philosophy of supported living and self-determination. Specific services and supports that are offered to the individual are determined by his or her personal strengths, preferences, interests, desires and goals. The range of particular services and supports Dungarvin offers is comprehensive in order to meet the needs and preferences of each person. Our services differ by location. Visit each Dungarvin company to learn about the variety of services which Dungarvin provides.

As a multi-state organization, Dungarvin believes it is important to ensure quality services and to maximize efficiencies by centralizing certain core administrative functions. Our National Central Office provides administrative oversight and supports to all Dungarvin operations in the areas of accounting, real estate, insurance, human resources, legal counsel, information systems and special projects. Additionally, our National Central Office team works cooperatively with our state and regional teams to provide onsite program/operations support and to ensure quality assurance and quality enhancement of our services to people with developmental and other disabilities.