Dungarvin Services

Behavioral Challenges

Through extensive training of our staff and expertise at all levels of the agency, Dungarvin has proven to be successful in providing supports to those individuals who have behavioral challenges.

Dungarvin has a reputation for supporting people who have a variety of complicated support needs. In coordination with other pertinent parties, we develop behavior plans and train staff in behavior management techniques and interventions, emphasizing positive methods and strategies in order to minimizing the loss of individual rights. Our behavior supports vary in our locations.

Some of the areas in which Dungarvin provides supports to those with behavioral challenges are outlined below.

Day Services

Our Day Services programs offer a variety of supports for people with Intellectual and Development Disabilities. Depending on the location, services available may include a combination of supports such as community integration, base site programming, employment opportunities, problem-solving and decision-making in everyday living, participating in community events and leisure activities, or assisting people to prepare for vocational, recreational, or other community-based programs.

In-Home Services

In-Home services are developed to provide supports to a child, adolescent or adult living with his or her family or in their own living environment. We serve individuals with a broad range of abilities and needs and our in-home services vary. The person and the family design the level of support and service that is needed.

Vocational Services

Vocational services provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities assistance with the initial stages of the employment assessment period, job searching and development, job coaching, and working independently.

Residential Services

Residential services are provided to an individual living in his or her own home or apartment with or without roommates, depending on the location. These sites serve individuals of various need levels, including individuals with significant medical, physical, or behavioral challenges. Staffing levels vary by the needs of the people being served. The focus of these services is to enhance independence and quality of life. Dungarvin's residential services are very flexible and easily modified to meet changing abilities, interests, choices, and needs of individuals.