Dungarvin Colorado offers an array of customized services to choose from.

Dungarvin Colorado, LLC has been a Program Approved Service Agency since 1991 and currently provides services to over 275 adults and children throughout the state. Host Home, Family Care Giver, Semi-Independent Living, Remote Monitoring Technology, Behavioral, Supported Sobriety, Person Centered Planning, Supported Living Services, Supported Employment and Day Services are currently provided within the following counties:

  • Adams
  • Alamosa
  • Arapahoe
  • Boulder
  • Broomfield
  • Chaffee
  • Cheyenne
  • Clear Creek
  • Conejos
  • Costilla
  • Custer
  • Denver
  • Douglas
  • Eagle
  • El Paso
  • Elbert
  • Fremont
  • Garfield
  • Gilpin
  • Jefferson
  • Kit Carson
  • Lake
  • Larimer
  • Lincoln
  • Logan
  • Mesa
  • Mineral
  • Morgan
  • Park
  • Phillips
  • Pitkin
  • Pueblo
  • Rio Grande
  • Saguache
  • Sedgwick>/li>
  • Summit
  • Teller
  • Washington
  • Weld
  • Yuma

Dungarvin Colorado works cooperatively with each individual, his or her family, support team and county/state entities to ensure quality services. Primary supports available for persons in services to select from include:

  • Individualized and Customized Person Centered Planning
  • Recreation Activities
  • Social Activities
  • The Voice – Person Served Self-Advocacy Group
  • Sustaining and widening an individual’s circle of family and friends
  • Work together to identify and support important life goals
  • Nursing supports
  • Oversight and support of personal finances when needed
  • Individualized Behavior Support Plans (as needed)
  • Access to Transportation
  • 24 hour on-call emergency support
  • Quality Assurance services
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Referral to Community Resources
  • Remote Monitoring Technologies
  • Supported Sobriety

While Dungarvin offers an array of customized services to choose from, we understand that each person is unique and no support model meets the needs of everyone. Please contact us for more details and/or to discuss any additional needs.


Dungarvin Colorado utilizes Sengistix in a number of locations. Sengistix utilizes a wide variety of coordinated sensors to provide a “complete package” of custom monitoring tailored to meet unique individual needs. This automated sensing provides caregivers the ability to improve safety, enhance the quality of life, and increase options for greater independence for all individuals requiring support. The person receiving supports has greater independence because paid staff is only called to the home when needed. For more information Sengistix, please visit our Partners.

Services Offered by Colorado

Supported Sobriety

Supported Sobriety is an unique 24-hour, recovery-oriented, person centered support service for adults living with concurring disorders; Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Disorders. We can provide supports to adults with developmental disabilities in their home with this unique program that incorporates the 12-step model by specially trained staff. This curriculum assists those living with co-occurring disorders and ASD and other learning disorders, to acquire the necessary comprehension of the disease of addiction and competency with recovery tools in order to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Host Home Services

The Host Home model allows an individual to live in a private residence with a family or caregiver (non-related parent, guardian or spouse) rather than in an apartment or group home. Host Home providers are not Dungarvin employees; they are independent contractors and manage their own home business. Host Home families or caregivers assist the individual in developing skills and building relationships in the community, the family, and their own personal life. Host Home living is highly flexible and focused on personal choice.

Dungarvin Colorado offers Host Home Services for these core areas:
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Residential Services

Residential services are provided to an individual living in his or her own home or apartment with or without roommates, depending on the location. These sites serve individuals of various need levels, including individuals with significant medical, physical, or behavioral challenges. Staffing levels vary by the needs of the people being served. The focus of these services is to enhance independence and quality of life. Dungarvin's residential services are very flexible and easily modified to meet changing abilities, interests, choices, and needs of individuals.

Residential supports in Colorado are provided to individuals living in their own homes and can be 24-hour services or less than 24-hour services.

Family Care-Giver

In the family care-giver model, family members can become Dungarvin employees and are paid to provide supports for their family member.

Dungarvin Colorado offers Residential Services for these core areas:
Traumatic/ Acquired Brain Injury
Significant Medical Challenges
Behavioral Challenges
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Foster Care Services

Foster care is a specialized service providing safe, loving homes and intensive support to children or adults with traditional, special and/or complex needs. Supports provided vary depending upon the needs of the individual and family.

Dungarvin Colorado offers Foster Care Services for these core areas:
Children & Their Families

Day Services

Our Day Services programs offer a variety of supports for people with Intellectual and Development Disabilities. Depending on the location, services available may include a combination of supports such as community integration, base site programming, employment opportunities, problem-solving and decision-making in everyday living, participating in community events and leisure activities, or assisting people to prepare for vocational, recreational, or other community-based programs.

Dungarvin Colorado provides a variety of community activities via our non-facility based day programs.

Dungarvin Colorado offers Day Services for these core areas:
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Vocational Services

Vocational services provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities assistance with the initial stages of the employment assessment period, job searching and development, job coaching, and working independently.

Dungarvin Colorado offers Vocational Services for these core areas:
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Mentoring Options for Mothers and Fathers

These supports are provided to adults with developmental disabilities, giving them the necessary assistance to aid them in raising their own children.

Dungarvin Colorado offers Mentoring Options for Mothers and Fathers for these core areas:
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities