Wisconsin Senior Director Earns Executive Staff Award

May 28
Lori Kress, Regional Director

The Wisconsin Administrative team nominated Julie Josephitis, Wisconsin Senior Director, for the Under Eagles Wings – Executive Staff Award through the Residential Services Association (RSA) of Wisconsin.

Per the RSA website, the Under Eagles Wings – Executive Staff Award is presented to “an individual who is recognized for assuring quality care for all clients served, being a client advocate to local community leaders, creating awareness of client needs to community and enhancing services provided to clients.”  We are pleased to announce that Julie won and was presented with an award on May 22, 2014 at the RSA Wisconsin 45th National Conference in Wisconsin Dells. Below is the nomination that was submitted for her by our administrative team.

Julie has proven to us to be a capable leader and one who understands the value of partnering with stakeholders in order to achieve positive outcomes for the individuals we support.

Over the past couple of years she has worked successfully with governmental and funding entities to develop supports for individuals with extremely complex behavioral challenges.  These are people in institutional settings with a history of multiple failed community based placements and often forensic involvement.

While these supports have been successful for the individuals, they have generated a significant amount of public debate about the degree to which these individuals can and/or should be supported in community-based settings. Julie has emerged as an expert and leader in this area.  She has been involved in several collaborative workgroups which include representatives from DHS, managed care organizations, MH facilities, county officials, and others who are working to identify systemic barriers to the development of community-based services for this challenging population.  Julie’s attention to detail and commitment to a “no fail” approach to service planning has garnered significant appreciation and respect for how services can be designed to ensure success for these individuals.

On the other end of the service spectrum, Julie has recognized that many individuals can be successful when services are provided in settings that they control, often with less on-site staff support, augmented with the use of technology.  She has worked tirelessly to develop community supported living models that are cost effective and, at the same time, ensuring safety for the person served while maximizing their independence.

In short, Julie not only responds to the changing needs in our industry, but is in front of the pack in terms of helping others understand what is possible for the people we support.

Thank you, Julie, for being a superior role model for us and a champion for the rights of the individuals we support.

– Dungarvin Wisconsin Administrative Team

Congratulations Julie!

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