Oklahoma Spirit!

Sep 12
Karla Jones, Area Director
Dungarvin Oklahoma
Stock photo of a Tornado

Dungarvin Oklahoma started the summer in the midst of a natural disaster. On May 20, 2013, an F-4 tornado swept through the heart of Oklahoma. Although devastating, the destruction sparked the essence of the kind and giving Oklahoma spirit. People came together, including Dungarvin, and assisted those affected including some of our own. We had six individuals displaced for three weeks. Because of the generosity of the University of Oklahoma, they were invited to stay at university apartments where their every need was met, including bedding, three meals a day, and many more amenities. After the dust had settled, we realized that our staff followed disaster plans and came together to ensure the needs of the individuals were met and with very little communication and guidance from management due to massive power outages. This is a true testimony of the quality and dedication our staff exhibit daily.

In honor of all dedicated Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), Dungarvin Oklahoma will be celebrating their work during the week of September 8th, 2013. This is National DSP week and we will be showing them our gratitude by offering them breakfast one day and afternoon refreshments on another. They will have a chance of four drawings and will be given a token of our appreciation.

Politically, Oklahoma has passed legislation that mandates the closure of our two remaining state institutions. The Department of Human Services was charged with developing a plan that would permanently close the doors to these facilities by August 31, 2015. Although met with resistance by the Parent/Guardian Associations at both facilities, the plan has been implemented and transitions are currently being planned for 242 individuals. Dungarvin Oklahoma is currently involved with several of these transitions and it is hoped that we can assist more individuals in starting their lives in the community.

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