Dungarvin Minnesota’s Biggest Success Story So Far In 2013

Oct 03
Dawn Smith, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

In January it was announced that Dungarvin had acquired Cooperating Community Programs (CCP) in Minnesota. CCP was a large organization serving around 1,000 individuals with disabilities and employing about the same number of staff. The teams from both organizations rose to the challenge, pulled together, and spent countless hours in meetings strategizing, preparing for licensing, interviewing and hiring new employees, meeting with current employees, and training employees with the goal of July 1, 2013 for the organizations to merge. It was a great success! The acquisition brought with it two services which are new to Dungarvin Minnesota: Contracted Case Management and Supported Employment.

The Case Management team provides people with information and assistance to access service options with community providers. They coordinate with the host county to assess each person’s healthcare needs and advocate whenever necessary to address changes or concerns. Case Managers work closely with all parties to arrange support services based on individual need and ensure overall satisfaction. Our team of culturally competent, highly trained professionals is ready to assist and advocate on the behalf of those we serve.

Supported Employment services provide one-to-one employment and training to individuals with disabilities with the goal of finding real work and real pay. Staff provide on the job support for individuals, assist with transportation to and from work, and link the person to community resources, working with employers to accommodate the needs of the person. The overall goal for each person is successful, long-term, sustainable employment that he/she enjoys.

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