ARRM Day at the Capitol

Mar 18
Ric Nelson, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

As in years past, Dungarvin Minnesota participated in the ARRM Day at the Capitol on March 4, 2014. As part of Dungarvin’s continuing efforts, we are looking for persons served, employees, and families creative ideas and help in establishing relationships with our State legislators. Such ideas might include tours or having appropriate representatives attend events and functions with or about the people we support. E-mails, letters and meetings with your representatives are always encouraged. Please let the supervisor know your ideas and the support you need to make them happen.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

By visiting the second web site listed, you can research your representatives and their voting history. Remember that these are your elected officials. How well do they advocate for you?

Dungarvin will continue to assist and support both employees and persons served to share their personal stories with their representatives. We will be inviting representatives for home visits to provide employees, individuals served, and their families the opportunity to share their personal stories with legislators. I encourage all those impacted by the decisions made during this legislative session to get involved either by writing to your legislator, meeting with them in person, and/or attending one of their visits to our homes.

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