Thankful Throughout the Year

Jan 27
Lloyd (Dungarvin Service Recipient)
Dungarvin New Jersey

The popular phrase “‘Tis the season to be jolly” should be “’tis the season to be thankful”.

Only a few weeks after celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday, we enter[ed] our most blessed of holidays. Above all, we should remain thankful throughout the year. I am thankful and give many thanks to Dungarvin for all of the assistance I’ve received from the program and the people Alisha Glover hired to assist me in my home.

Entering my 56th year as a paraplegic, I am well aware of a time when such services provided by the System were non-existent. Surely, we could pay someone for the service, or rely on friends and family. But, for those who have been down both roads, the expense is prohibitive over time and there is nothing that will burn out relationships faster than the reliance on friends and family for constant care.

For the past few months I have been blessed with three different Dungarvin caregivers each uniquely suited to my needs with the assistance of Ms. Glover. And, at the risk of blowing Alisha Glover’s horn, I cannot stress the importance of assembling caregivers whose talents fit my needs hand in glove. As I have stated in multiple emails, the individuals assigned to me have proven to be energetic in their desire to help, anticipating my needs and providing the care I require.

Image:  Dungarvin Staff
Image: Dungarvin Staff
Image: Dungarvin staff

Dungarvin Staff (Left to Right: Fiona Jackson, Jeffrey Ntusmi, and Ellen Scheier)

It is my fervent wish to continue my relationship with Dungarvin, and in particular, Ms. Alisha Glover so long as I remain entitled/blessed to receive these services. Having lived the alternative for far too long, I can’t imagine being more appreciative. A mere “thank you” hardly covers it.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Lloyd during the holiday season 2016.

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  1. Sharon Gilbert,

    I have worked in this field for 3 years and I have found my calling
    this is the most rewarding job that I have had the privileged of working