Summer Fun in the Big Apple

Jan 12
Lukio Chagama, Support Services Coordinator
Dungarvin Ohio
Adventure in the Big Apple

“See you, I am going to New York on vacation” said Donald, as he was saying good bye to his roommates. It was August, 2015 and Donald was ready to say “hello” to the Big Apple. A long time employee at Goodwill Industries, Donald had been saving up for his dream vacation in New York City. Now, he was finally on his way!

Accompanied by his Dungarvin coordinator, Donald was excited and ready to enjoy five full days in New York. The beginning of his adventure began with his first ever experience on a plane from Columbus to JFK airport in New York.

Donald and the Statue of Liberty

Donald and the Statue of Liberty

Once in New York, Donald savored very moment, tasting the famed New York pizza, attended Broadway shows and enjoyed a city water tour, including a night view tour of the city. He and his staff enjoyed shopping for souvenirs while sight-seeing landmarks such as the Rockefeller center, NBC studios, Central Park, Time Square, the Statue of Liberty and the Trump Tower.

Donald's NY Night Tour

Donald’s NY Night Tour

All too soon, Donald’s dream vacation was coming to an end and he found himself boarding his plane back to Columbus. Thrilled with this experience, Donald is already planning to go back to New York. His 5-day bite of the Big Apple was only a taste that whetted his appetite for more!

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  1. Barb Johnson,

    Sweet! That shows you if you set a goal, you can make it! Nice going Donald.


  2. Therese,

    Donald, You look happy and wonderful, wish I could have been there to share your excitement. Have a safe winter! Therese


  3. Lukio,

    This brings up good memories of last summer with Donald. He was excited to see himself in NY city, he can not wait to visit there again.


  4. Adrienne Kennedy,

    Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun! :)


  5. Sara Eppard,

    So cool! What a fantastic experience.


  6. Tiffany Jackson,

    Wow–this trips sounds incredible! Now I want to go to ‘The Big Apple’ myself!! Congrats to Donald for setting a goal and achieving it, and kudos to Lukio and the team for supporting his efforts. Awesome!!


  7. Mary S.,

    These pictures are absolutely wonderful! It looks like Donald has a great time!!