From Sports Fan to Athlete

Jul 14
Greta Goins, Program Services Coordinator
Dungarvin Wisconsin

Devon has been an avid sports fan his entire life, but never played himself until recently.

Devon wanted to become more active in his community and live a healthier lifestyle. He learned about Special Olympics Wisconsin through his Dungarvin support team in Dane County, Wisconsin, and expressed an interest in trying basketball. Devon submitted his application to participate and vowed to uphold the SOWI Code of Conduct in January 2016.

Image of Devon, sports fan, at Football Camp

In April 2016 the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW) Special Olympics College Organization teamed up with the UWW Football team for a football camp. Devon was nervous about his first time participating in an event like this, but decided he’d give it a try. Devon worked closely with the football players on drills and plays, and performed a brief scrimmage game with the players.

Image of Devon, sports fan, at Football Camp

Devon was proud to have participated in this event, and to be a part of creating inclusive friendships and spreading awareness about Special Olympics. Now that he is excited to be an athlete, instead of just a sports fan, he is ready for a year filled with bocce ball, flag football, bowling, and basketball!

Image of Devon, sports fan, at Football Camp

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  2. Tiffany Jackson,

    What an awesome story! I’m impressed that part of Devon’s motivation was his own health and wellness needs, and on the way to addressing that goal he gained so much more…after reading, I’m feeling inspired to make some similar changes in my own life! I need to thank Devon for being an example to us all!