Aug 24
Janet Stinde, Area Director
Dungarvin Wisconsin

Hwa Rang Do Martial Arts

WI Martial Arts_header

Lawrence “Jeff” D. and Mark R. are considered local celebrities in their hometown of Madison, Wisconsin as a direct result of achieving a dream. The story began over six years ago when the men decided they wanted to learn a form of martial arts called Hwa Rang Do and eventually earn their black belts. … Read Full Post

Aug 20
Rick Adams, State Director
Dungarvin Indiana

Joey’s Community Police Academy Training

Joey Police Academy_header

Joey has always dreamed of becoming a police officer. From an early age Joey has enjoyed serving and protecting others and it is an instinct that comes naturally for him. When Joey learned of the South Bend Police Department’s Community Police Academy he knew right away that he wanted to be involved and was excited … Read Full Post

Aug 03
Steve Valente, Senior Director
Dungarvin Colorado

Victoria’s Art Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

Victoria's Art in the National Central Office

What do The Smithsonian, Dungarvin's National Central Office (NCO), and the office in Colorado Springs have in common? You’d probably think nothing, right? Well, you’d be wrong. At one point or another, all of these places have displayed original works of art by our very own Victoria Pegler. Maybe, on display in the … Read Full Post

Jul 24
David Wilson, Director
Dungarvin Minnesota

Overcoming Challenges for Successful Employment

Jordan Wurdeman Summer 2015 MS_header

On April 23, 2015, resulting from an invitation from his Ramsey County case manager, Jordan W. spoke at the State Employment Leadership Network meeting about his challenges and ultimate success in obtaining employment. Previously, Jordan had been a part of the Bridges to Employment program and had challenges securing employment after graduation from … Read Full Post

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